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  Welcome to page 2 of my photographs from Ft. Irwin, California. These photos were shot in January of 2003 and April of 2004. Please feel free to download these images for your personal use. 
If you would like a print made and signed by me I will be happy to provide it.  8X10ís are $25 plus tax and shipping.  Contact me at

  Click on any of the thumbnails below for a larger image of the same. As there are nearly 300 pictures in this section, it will be divided among 9 pages--- 4 in this format of 32 pictures each, then 5 more pages in an automatic slide-show format for faster loading  & less mouse-clicking. They're all posted (FINALLY !!!), so kick-back & enjoy...and feel free to contact me to place an order for any prints you may desire for your personal collection, as gifts, or trophies... - dh

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     BLUFOR moving behind a Brad Red Pass

BLUFOR over the top Tiefort City

BLUFOR shooter taking careful aim 2

BLUFOR shooter Tiefort City

BLUFOR shooter

BLUFOR soldier at Red Pass Ranch

BLUFOR soldier at Tiefort City

BLUFOR soldier drawing a bead

BLUFOR soldier Red Pass Ranch

BLUFOR soldier Tiefort City

BLUFOR soldiers advance through smoke Tiefort

BLUFOR soldiers Red Pass Ranch

BLUFOR through the wire

Brad approaching wire Tiefort City

Bradley advances on Tiefort City

Bradley attacks at Red Pass Ranch

Bradley captain

Bradley entering Red Pass Ranch

Bradley head for breach in wire Tiefort City

Bradley in smoke Tiefort City

Bradley outside the wire Tiefort City

Bradley rolls through breach in wire Tiefort

Brads approach the wire in smoke Tiefort City

BRDM Bad Boy Wadi

BRDM driver near The Whale


BRDM Street Legal version

BRDM with antitank gun

Bunker construction at Tiefort City

Cactus Ft Irwin

Capt Harris Bradley Tiefort City

Capt Pazak in his POV Red Pass

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