Welcome to my website...new address, a shorter name to remember and type, and a whole lot more images for you to enjoy.

As you might guess, my name is Dudley Harris.

I was born on Friday the 13th, November, 1942.

My lucky day!

I was raised in Austin, Texas. Stephen F. Austin High School. University of Texas at Austin. Southwestern Medical School. Ophthalmology training San Antonio. Then the United States Navy where my true education began.

Along the way I always enjoyed shooting pictures. Mainly I liked shooting pictures of people. Rocks, trees and streams are amazing, but people are the most varied and fascinating.

When I turned 50 a synapse fired, and I asked myself, “What duty did I incur by being born?” That is, am I using my life in a way that is good and responsible? I decided this deserved some serious thought.

So I went to India for a month to ponder…and shoot pictures. I wasn’t looking for someone to tell me what to think. I just wanted time to resolve the question by thinking deeply about it myself.

I constructed my days in India thusly. Awaken at five to think and write. When the sun came up I would go out and hunt for pictures. After dark back to my room for more thinking and writing.

At the end of my quest I concluded that my proper contribution to society was to be the best physician I could be and that my duty to the world was to simply refrain from hurting anyone. Not really earth-shaking, but am grateful that I didn’t feel compelled to undertake some impossible task such as ending world hunger.

I have completed my career as a physician, and now I’m occupied with organizing my photographs and making pottery.


I’ve been taking pictures for sixty years. You can see some of my work by scrolling through the folders.

Would you like to have a photograph of mine? I’ll make a print for you or send you the hi-res file.

8.5X11 = $50
16X20 = $100
Hi Res file = $75

Other facts include:

I've have had exhibits at the Institute of Texan Cultures, The University of Texas Medical School and Cappycino's restaurant. A series of my prints depicting life in rural India currently decorates the UNICEF Headquarters in New Delhi. My work is featured in the book, Children of India.